Limousine Airport Transfer Services

MAXICAB® Singapore provides the most reliable and high-quality limousine services.

Our limousines depict supreme elegance and absolute class.

Excellent chauffeur services to the luxurious exterior design of our limousines.

Changi Airport Transfer Service

If you are looking for a fuss-free Singapore Airport Transfer service, then you have selected the right companion for your journey. MAXICABS.SG® – MAXICAB® Singapore Limousine Services provides a comfortable and affordable ride after an exhausting flight in just sixty seconds of booking time.

MAXICAB® makes your journey a remarkable experience with quality cars and professional chauffeurs. We have trained our chauffeurs to make sure that you have a safe and comfortable Singapore Airport Transfer from the airport to your hotel or vice versa.

Once you reach the most renowned Changi Airport, you just have to contact MAXICAB® booking. Within sixty seconds we will allot you a limousine transport with the driver.

Our chauffeur will receive you from the airport and drop you off at your destination in a luxurious manner and with guaranteed safety. Not only that, he will make sure that you are not facing any issues during the whole trip. You just have to guide us with your flight details, so our driver can pick you up from the right arrival corridor.

If you are travelling from the hotel to the airport, our Singapore Airport Transfer service will cater to your desire for travelling in a comfortable and speedy vehicle.  MAXICABS.SG® is a fast limo service as we understand your need to catch the flight before time. We can also accommodate your extra luggage without requiring any additional effort because MAXICABS.SG® – MAXICAB® Singapore Limousine Services owns 6 or 7-seater passenger cabs.

These luxury cars will provide you with more room to adjust your entire luggage so you can have a smooth Singapore Airport Transfer to your destination. Our professionally trained drivers will help you out to drop your luggage at the delivery area.

MAXICAB® is not only easing your airport travelling; besides, we also offer a vast set of activities during the trip. You can listen to your favourite genre of music or talk with our chauffeurs or stop for sightseeing in the metropolitan or take a small nap after a long flight. It is totally up to you. By choosing MAXICABS.SG®, you will find yourself on a secure and restful ride. We ensure that your voyage with us would be more comfortable and faster. So are you ready for a peaceful Singapore Airport Transfer?

Singapore Airport Transfer Service Inclusions

At MAXICABS.SG®, we always want to make sure that your Airport Transfer from Changi Airport to your hotel or other destinations will be a smooth, hassle-free and worthwhile experience.

Thus, we incorporated several amenities and in our Singapore Airport Transfer service to make your journey with us, the best you can ever hope for.

Our service includes a fast and reliable pick up from the airport and safe drop off to your destination.

You can also fit all your luggage in our MAXICAB® so there will be no need to get another service for your belongings. You can also enjoy listening to music and talking with our chauffeurs throughout your trip.

What's excluded in Airport Transfer Services?

For most parts, MAXICAB® Singapore allows you to have as many opportunities on the road as we can offer through our Airport Transfer services.

You can ask your chauffeur to stop by a certain location before dropping you off at the hotel if you’ll need to attend to an errand quickly or if there’s something you want to buy before arriving at your destination.

However, after we successfully drove you off to the hotel where you will be staying, our Singapore Airport Transfer services will be completed.

That means all of your requests and driving services after that shall be booked for another transaction.

Worry not! We love our loyal customers and give exclusive promos for those who regularly book a cab from MAXICABS.SG®

Rate of Concierge Services in Singapore

There is no fixed rate when it comes to concierge services in Singapore.

With different personal assistance companies comes different fees and rates of service.

It is also a different story when you hire concierge services from a hotel where you are having accommodation to.

However, what we can guarantee is that our personal concierge services in Singapore are among the best and cheapest reliable you will ever encounter in the country.

We offer an affordable service rate to pair with the expenses your errands will require. Our errand services in Singapore will surely make your life more convenient.

Rates of Corporate Limousine Services in Singapore

One of the many advantages of availing of our corporate limousine services in Singapore is that we offer one of the cheapest rates in the country. 

Despite the quality ride and professional services, you will receive in MAXICAB®, our rates remain affordable. 

We also pride ourselves on our punctuality when it comes to picking up and dropping off our clients for their corporate trips. 

We can ensure that every money spent in our corporate limousine services will be worth it.

What are the cars used for Airport Transfer Services?

Our Singapore Airport Transfer Services include luxury vehicles like limousines. 

We have up to 6 & 7 seaters, limousines and luxury cabs to accommodate large groups.

You can also choose to have an Airport Transfer car where you can freely enjoy your own company with a private passenger chamber or you want to have an open type where you can talk to your chauffeur during the whole trip. 

MAXICABS.SG® is always considering your comfort and safety when it comes to picking an Airport Transfer vehicle.

Aside from offering high end and luxurious looking cars, we can also guarantee that our selection will fit different lifestyles and preferences.


Conference and Business

Among the best times to get our limousine services in Singapore is when you have to attend an important business meeting or conference here or in Malaysia.

If you are to attend a gathering with your esteemed business partners, arriving in a limousine can set a good impression.

Daily & Hourly Booking Service

Our limousine services in Singapore come in an hourly or daily booking.

When you book our limo service, you will have an option to get the chauffeur service for your whole day trip in Singapore or a one-way booking using an hourly basis scheme. 

Personal Concierge Services

Apart from our limousine services in Singapore, we also offer personal concierge services to help our busy clients in managing their errands.

We understand that your time is precious and there’s a lot on your plate to manage. Thus, we extend our services to help you meet your daily tasks.

Special Occasions

Other important events that call for limo service in Singapore are occasions such as weddings, family reunions and batch reunions. Aside from making a great entrance to these wonderful events, our limousine services in Singapore can also help you prepare for the event while on the road.

Transport to & from Malaysia

Did we mention we also operate in Malaysia?

You’ve read it right, our limousine service in Singapore is extended to its neighbouring country, Malaysia.

With this extension, you can avail of our services when you have a business trip or vacation trip in the mentioned country.