Personal Concierge Services

MAXICAB® Singapore provides the most reliable and high-quality limousine services.  Our limousines depict supreme elegance and absolute class.  Excellent chauffeur services to the luxurious exterior design of our limousines.

Concierge Services

Are you looking for personal concierge services in Singapore?

MAXICABS.SG® is your one-stop solution for booking Personal Concierge Services. We also offer errand services in Singapore to help you with running some of your errands amidst your busy schedule.

Book the concierge services of your choice in less than 60 seconds and relax at your home or your office while we do the errands running services across Singapore.

Our courteous chauffeurs will pick the items from the pickup location for dropping off, or any place within Singapore and will deliver the items you asked us to buy, get serviced or fetch, to your assigned location.

Our chauffeurs will be at your service to ensure quick disposal so that you can manage your to-do list with ease and time optimization. We understand that the very essence of concierge services in Singapore is to fill in some of your tasks to meet your daily schedule. Thus, we will guarantee that we can offer a reliable and fast errand service in Singapore.

We provide professional personal concierge services such as parcel and food delivery. Doing the shopping errands and errands running services within an hour.

Some of the features of Personal Concierge Service include:

    • Hourly pick-up and drop-off services from the location of your choice.
    • Professional and friendly chauffeurs ready to facilitate and assist you in every way.
    • Door-to-Door Delivery Services
    • Availability of Limousine Car from the fleet of stylish and luxurious cars according to your suited budget and requirement.
    • Multiple stops – the driver will be available on call at every stop.

Let us know your plan, whether it is for corporate events or meetings, VIP dinners, Guest transport, site visits, engagement or wedding events, we will devise a personalized plan as per your requirements.

We, at MAXICAB® Singapore, strive to make personal concierge services, easy and comfortable by providing an experience that you have never had before.

What are Concierge Services?

The word concierge can have various meanings depending on different circumstances when it is used.

As for concierge services in Singapore, it is a service being offered by an individual or a company that specialises in offering personal assistance like booking accommodation, scheduling flights, planning holiday preparation, setting a visit with physicians, among other errands to VIP clients.

The goal of personal concierge services is to save a person’s valuable time, money, and resources.

In exchange, they offer various rates to their customers, and the pricing varies depending on the type of service they offer. MAXICAB® Singapore offers concierge services aside from our cab bookings.

Rates of Concierge Services in Singapore

There is no fixed rate when it comes to concierge services in Singapore.

With different personal assistance companies comes different fees and rates of service.

It is also a different story when you hire concierge services from a hotel where you are having accommodation to.

However, what we can guarantee is that our personal concierge services in Singapore are among the best and cheapest you will ever encounter in the country.

We offer an affordable service rate to pair with the expenses your errands will require. Our errand services in Singapore will surely make your life more convenient.

Why choose our Concierge Services?

From our experience as a private cab booking service in Singapore and Malaysia, we have observed that most of our clients are having difficulty meeting their schedules amidst many appointments, meetings and events they have to attend.

Some of them do not even go straight to a hotel after an overseas flight, rather, they will ask our chauffeurs to drop them off in a conference venue or straight to their office.

Thus, we offer personal concierge services to help our clients with managing their time in accordance with the volume of tasks they need to complete.

We can guarantee that our concierge services in Singapore meet the standard of excellence.


Airport Transfer

To be picked up in Changi Airport by a black and luxury limousine is not just a wonderful experience. We can also guarantee that availing of our limo service in Singapore will give you a comfortable and satisfying journey from the airport to your destination after a tiring flight.

Daily & Hourly Booking Service

Our limousine services in Singapore come in an hourly or daily booking.

When you book our limo service, you will have an option to get the chauffeur service for your whole day trip in Singapore or a one-way booking using an hourly basis scheme. 

Personal Concierge Services

Apart from our limousine services in Singapore, we also offer personal concierge services to help our busy clients in managing their errands.

We understand that your time is precious and there’s a lot on your plate to manage. Thus, we extend our services to help you meet your daily tasks.

Special Occasions

Other important events that call for limo service in Singapore are occasions such as weddings, family reunions and batch reunions. Aside from making a great entrance to these wonderful events, our limousine services in Singapore can also help you prepare for the event while on the road.

Transport to & from Malaysia

Did we mention we also operate in Malaysia?

You’ve read it right, our limousine service in Singapore is extended to its neighbouring country, Malaysia.

With this extension, you can avail of our services when you have a business trip or vacation trip in the mentioned country.