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Maxicabs Singapore Limousine Services

MAXICABS.SG Dispatch Booking System

Please log in to the Booking Dispatch System below

By clicking ‘Book Now’ you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. Quoted Prices are accurate at the time of booking. Additional charges will be made for any deviations to the Quoted Journey, including changes to route, waiting time, additional stops, address changes or vehicle changes.

Dispatching A Journey

MAXICABS.SG – Maxi Cab Singapore Limousine Services dispatch booking process is simple and convenient for everyone.  The dispatch system will automatically pick up on bookings and assign them to the best driver using our intelligent algorithm.

1.     Enter pickup address and drop off

2.    Passenger details can be added manually

3.    Click enquiry to see the details

4.    Once you have dispatched the job, it will appear in the bottom table.

Our Services

We specialise in:

Limousine Services

Airport Transfer And Meeting Services

Daily & Hourly Booking Service

Sightseeing Tours

Vellfire in group Maxicabs Limousine

Limousine Rates

Limousine Airport Transfer

Arrival – $75

Departure – $65

Point to point limousine transfer – $65

Hourly charter (min. 2 hours) – $65/hour

Maxicabs Limousine Luggage Capacity

Seating Capacity & Luggage Volume

6 x Passengers

6 x Luggages