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Thinking of booking a cab or a maxi cab to run errands or for a special occasion, but not sure which is the right choice for you? 

Well, fret not as we are here to help you run through the differences between booking a cab and a maxi cab in Singapore so you can make more informed decisions to meet your needs. 

1. MAXICAB® are bigger

The conventional cab can only ferry a maximum of four passengers with the driver taken into account. However, a maxicab® is able to typically accommodate up to 10 passengers in total – giving you ample space and comfort. You can even book an errand service that comes with a driver when hiring a maxicab® to help you transport goods from one point to another, thanks to the vehicle’s larger size. 

2. MAXICAB® provide greater convenience

For instance, if you are planning to explore Singapore in a larger group and wish to book a cab, a maxi-cab may be a better choice as it allows you to fit everyone in one vehicle and arrive at your destination at the same time. This takes away the need for additional communication or effort – helping you to keep your itinerary on track. 

This also applies to an airport transfer especially when you have heavy and bulky luggage with you that require as much extra space as possible, so you do not have to book a separate vehicle. 

Family singapore airport transfer

3. MAXICAB® are more cost-effective

Booking a cab may be great if you plan on using it just to travel to one destination for the day but if you need one to bring you to multiple locations, then consider a maxicab® instead. 

As cabs operate on charging by the meter and also include a booking fee, it may be less cost-effective to book a cab. On the other hand, a maxicab® charges for a specific duration so you can travel to multiple locations within the timeframe at a fixed price – perfect for occasions such as weddings or business meetings. 

4. MAXICAB® are more luxurious

Although booking a maxicab® is more worthwhile, it does not mean it lacks the luxe factor. In fact, maxi cabs provide more legroom, have comfy and plush seats, and are more aesthetically pleasing on the outside too. Going to an event in a maxi cab as compared to a cab also has benefits like timely service and total security, apart from letting you arrive in style to turn heads. 

5. MAXICAB® do so much more

A standard cab’s main purpose is to fetch passengers from one place to another but with a maxicab®, you get to use it for a wide range of situations. These include parcel and food delivery, running shopping errands, chauffeur services and more – things that you do not get to enjoy with booking a cab

Feeling convinced to book a maxicab® in Singapore for your next adventure? MAXICABS.SG® has you covered. Contact us today at +65 9478 1394 and leave all of your transportation needs to us!