About Us

We are your safe and seamless transportation partner!

We are continually upgrading and diversifying our services to meet the variety of changing customers’ needs.

We take pride in providing excellent cab service at your doorstep.

Who We Are

MAXICABS.SG® – MAXICAB® Singapore Limousine Services is your safest travel companion in Singapore. Whether you are a tourist looking for a ride or a business professional seeking services for your clients, Maxi Cab is your fast and reliable source of booking a quality ride in less than a sixty-second time frame.

Maxi Cab provides accessible transportation services all across Singapore with quality cars and professional chauffeurs. Our fitting combination of comfortable and convenient cab service is exactly what you need!

At MAXICABS.SG® – MAXICAB® Singapore Limousine Services, we are always there at your service!


MAXICAB® is a well-known service company in Singapore that offers private transportation assistance as well as concierge and errand services for many clients in Singapore.

We started out as a “book a cab” business for Airport Transfer services, providing excellent pick-up and drop off service from Changi Airport to hotels and other destinations.

It was through our previous clients’ referrals that our business grew into what today is the best provider of limousine, chauffeur, and concierge services in Singapore.

We pride ourselves on our fast and reliable booking service which you can avail right after your flight. You can expect your comfortable and convenient limousine service at Changi Airport for less than 60 seconds waiting time!

Why Choose Us

MAXICABS.SG® – MAXICAB® Singapore Limousine Services understands the need for hassle-free transportation and provides services for accessible and practical travel options to people in Singapore.

We at MAXICAB® Singapore, have put in efforts to provide reliable transport services to our wide range of customers. We provide exemplary transport services to locals, VIPs, Artists, Business professionals and Government officials.

Tourists looking for commute in Singapore can take advantage of our perfectly planned sightseeing trips. We pay a keen interest in our customers’ needs and make sure to deliver the best luxury transport services at an affordable price and without any discrimination.

Our commitment and dedication towards making the lives of travelers in Singapore easy are what sets us apart from the rest!

Benefits of Limo MAXICAB®

Among the many benefits of availing of our Limo MAXICAB® services in both Singapore and Malaysia is that we are offer complete assistance to our clients.

We have the fastest booking service you’ll ever encounter in Singapore.  Our limousine services are composed of many options for seating capacity and styles.

How We Work

At MAXICABS.SG® – MAXICAB® Singapore Limousine Services, ease and convenience of customers is at the core of our business. We provide transportation facilities to our customers wherever they need with our fleet of high-end luxury cars and quality services.

You can book a ride at MAXICAB® through a simple process which would take less than sixty seconds of your precious time.

We extend our services to tourists and locals alike through our MAXICAB® services.

You can book a MAXICAB® to the Airport or for sightseeing tours.

MAXICAB® services are also available for corporate travel purposes.

You can also book our services for daily and hourly commitments around town.

The process of booking a ride is simple,

    • Call us at +65 9478 1394 or visit our website
    • Let us know your requirements
    • We will assign you the car number (as per your requirement)

Let us know your pick-up point, and the car will be at your service within 15 to 20 minutes.

Our Limousine Services

Limousines are among the luxurious cars in Singapore that are best to be used for several occasions. Our limousine services in Singapore can be availed along with our other services for the best chauffeur service you will ever receive in Singapore.  Below is the list of MAXICAB® Singapore’s services which you can avail of by booking a schedule with us.

Airport Transfer

To be picked up in Changi Airport by a black and luxury limousine is not just a wonderful experience. We can also guarantee that availing of our limo service in Singapore will give you a comfortable and satisfying journey from the airport to your destination after a tiring flight.

Business Limousine Services

Among the best times to get our limousine services in Singapore is when you have to attend an important business meeting or conference here or in Malaysia.

If you are to attend a gathering with your esteemed business partners, arriving in a limousine can set a good impression.

Daily & Hourly Booking Service

Our limousine services in Singapore come in an hourly or daily booking.

When you book our limo service, you will have an option to get the chauffeur service for your whole day trip in Singapore or a one-way booking using an hourly basis scheme. 

Personal Concierge Services

Apart from our limousine services in Singapore, we also offer personal concierge services to help our busy clients in managing their errands.

We understand that your time is precious and there’s a lot on your plate to manage. Thus, we extend our services to help you meet your daily tasks.

Transport to & from Malaysia

Did we mention we also operate in Malaysia?

You’ve read it right, our limousine service in Singapore is extended to its neighbouring country, Malaysia.

With this extension, you can avail of our services when you have a business trip or vacation trip in the mentioned country.