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Many of us aspire to live the lives of the wealthy and famous. While sipping wine on a yacht or hiring a limo service in Singapore may appear to be far-fetched fantasies for many of us, some of these seemingly extravagant indulgences are actually more affordable than you think. Here we share 5 luxurious and affordable activities that you can do in Singapore – be it for a special occasion or just a regular weekend. 


Luxurious things to do in Singapore


Rent A Chauffeur Service After Your Day In The Spa

Treat yourself to a luxurious spa day together with your best girlfriends! Aside from getting a facial to rejuvenate your skin, a day at the spa also entails a relaxing massage to remove the tension knots in your body. Furthermore, with the hectic lifestyles that we lead, going to a spa may just be the answer to all your stress. Give your spa day an extra oomph when you hire a chauffeur service to ferry you and your girls on your day out! 



If you love the idea of the romantic outdoors – the sprinkling of stars in the night sky, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, the cosy company of the one you love – but hate getting your hands dirty, then glamping is just perfect for you! 


But what is glamping?

Charter A Private Service After Your Camping Trip

Glamping provides the same exposure to the outdoors as traditional camping, but the amenities such as tents and sleeping bags exceed the expectations of most campers. You can expect spacious tipis, air beds, fairy lights, and even air-conditioning – the perfect alternative for birthday parties, romantic getaways, and even family picnics! 



Since we can’t go anywhere that requires a passport any time soon, most of us are down for experiences that make us feel like we are out of the country – which means that a 2-day-1-night stay on a yacht may just be the experience you need.


Unlike a hotel, a sailing staycay proffers amazing and ever-changing views of the sea and sky. Not only will you be treated to Singapore’s amazing skyline, but you will also get to see the other offshore islands. Some yacht staycations take you on hikes on the islands and even for leisure swims in the sparkling blue waters. 



Enjoy a customised culinary experience from the comforts of your home when you hire a private chef! Not only will they prepare you with a menu of your choice, but they will also take care of table service by walking you through every course. And that is not all. Private chefs will also help to clean up after dinner service, leaving your kitchen and dinnerware spotless. 



Instead of having to be conscious of what you say in the taxi or Grab car, you can relax when you hire a private chauffeur or rent a limo service to drive you around Singapore for a day. Unlike taxis that run on meters, renting a chauffeur service comes at a fixed rate. Plus, limo service and a private chauffeur guarantees you travel around the island in style, and perhaps be the talk of the town. 


Private Chauffeur Service

Not only does reliable chauffeur services like MAXICABS.SG provide security and style, their vehicles also promise one of the highest levels of luxury and comfort imaginable. If you are on a family outing or travelling in a large group around Singapore, then engaging in a limo service like MAXICAB.SG is the ideal choice. With a fleet of large vehicles like 7-seater MAXICAB® Mercedes Viano and 6-seater Toyota Vellfire, you can now enjoy a hassle-free way to travel in a large group, whilst ensuring comfort on the go.


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