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When travelling around sunny Singapore, ride-sharing apps and private chauffeur services are some of the options for transportation. With the rise of smartphone users to date, it’s no surprise that the use of ride-sharing apps has become increasingly pervasive.

Even though the idea of hiring a private chauffeur service in Singapore may seem impractical to most, here are 5 reasons why choosing to hire a maxicab® over ride-sharing apps in Singapore is the better option:


Professional Driver of Limousine Service Singapore


1. Professional Drivers

When you hire a private chauffeur service with MAXICABS.SG®, you can count on our drivers to be professionals with a clean driving record. Not only do these drivers undergo intensive training before cruising on the roads, they are also well-trained to provide great customer service for all their passengers on board. On top of that, regular performance reviews are also conducted to ensure consistent top-notch service.

Apart from having a clean driving record, part of the rigorous training private chauffeurs have to undergo is familiarising themselves with Singapore’s streets and roads. With this knowledge at their fingertips, you can rest assured knowing what roads to avoid during the peak hours and which ones are under construction. This sets them apart from most ride-sharing app drivers, who are heavily dependent on Google Maps to navigate their way around, which might cost you your punctuality when an unexpected delay crops up.

If you are making your way to an important business meeting, we recommend booking a maxicab® with MAXICABS.SG®. The booking process takes less than a minute; all you have to do is dial +65 8198 1182!


 Limousine Vehicle Inspection


2. Safe Vehicles

In order for ride-sharing app drivers to ensure that their vehicles are safe for providing service, they only have to go through periodic vehicle inspections once a year. Private limousine companies, on the other hand, undergo routine and rigorous inspections as required by law regulations. This means that when you choose a private chauffeur service as your mode of transportation, you’ll be riding in a well maintained fleet and the chances of the vehicle breaking down on your journey is little to none.

3. Comfortable Ride

When it comes to ride-sharing apps’ drivers and vehicles, it can be a hit or a miss. If you are lucky, you might get a friendly driver with a smooth ride, with some even going to the extent of offering amenities like bottled water and snacks to munch on. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

With private chauffeur services, you can expect drivers to show up in a clean, pleasant-smelling car as they have a standard fleet of luxury limousines that provides both comfort and safety. In addition to that, all drivers will go above and beyond to make your commuting experience memorable – from ensuring that you are comfortable, to knowing the fastest route to get to your destination.


4. Booking Convenience

Booking a ride on ride-sharing apps requires multiple steps. Even after installing the app on your device and setting up an account, you are in the clutches of the available drivers around you. This is due to the nature of the ride-sharing apps, where drivers do not have actual “shifts” and drive on their own accord. If you happen to be in a busy area, then finding an available ride will not be an issue for you. However, if you are in a remote location then you may have to wait for 15 minutes or longer.

To prevent yourself from being faced with uncertainties like this, it is best to book a maxicab® with MAXICABS.SG® and enjoy hassle-free rides.


5. Fixed Prices

Another benefit of hiring a private chauffeur service is its fixed rate pricing. When you book a limousine with most chauffeur services in Singapore like MAXICABS.SG®, you will not have to worry about incurring hidden costs unless you have additional requests which will be charged accordingly such as, Extra Stop charges, Midnight Charge, and Credit Card Admin Fee. Whereas, booking a ride through ride-sharing apps also means having to deal with surge prices, especially when the demand increases. With private chauffeur services, the price is still fixed even during peak hours. Visit MAXICABS.SG® to learn more about their rates.


Choosing Private Chauffeurs Over Ride-Sharing Apps In Singapore

Luxury chauffeur services are often misjudged as a non-viable option, especially with the rise of ride-sharing apps available today. With MAXICABS.SG®’s highly-trained private chauffeurs, travelling around Singapore has never been easier. Give us a call at +65 9478 1394 and let us take care of your transportation needs.