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Weddings are the event of a lifetime and lots of time and effort is put into planning, from the decor to the guestlist. Alas, one aspect many couples tend to overlook is transportation for their big day.

A comfortable vehicle to sit in to ferry the couple from place to place is especially apt for couples who do not own a car, as it is necessary for moving around with ease and working around the time constraints on the wedding day. 

If you are considering renting a car or borrowing a ride from a friend for your upcoming wedding, here are three reasons why hiring a chauffeur service in Singapore might be better. 

Arrive in style & make it a moment to remember

maxicabs limousine services vehicle

Make your big day a moment to remember by arriving in style in a limousine with your very own chauffeur! We provide limo cabs for special occasions here at MAXICABS.SG® so all you have to do is sit back and relax while you are being chauffeured to your next destination. Our team of event planners and chauffeurs will plan your rides according to your event needs so there is no need for you to rush from one place to another. Be it from the bride’s place to the groom’s home, or an outdoor venue for a quick photoshoot, having a chauffeur and a comfy vehicle to sit in will make the occasion so much more memorable. 

Give your family, close friends or bridal party a treat

bridal party chauffeur service

Your family, friends and bridal party are indispensable people on your big day, so what better way to show you appreciate them than hiring a limousine service in Singapore to transport them to the wedding venue? This is the perfect opportunity to give them a treat to thank them for helping out with the wedding. MAXICABS.SG® will make sure your guests are picked up on time and brought to the venue safely. We will also provide you with a complete schedule beforehand with alternate routes in case of a traffic jam. You will have peace of mind to focus on other parts of your wedding with the transportation for your loved ones on this important day sorted out. 

Less hassle means fewer distractions

new weds enjoying their chauffeur service

Nothing feels more frustrating than having to end your celebrations early just to return a rented car. With limo service in Singapore, there is no need to drive to return the car yourself as your chauffeur will take care of it. Less hassle means fewer distractions on your big day, giving you ample time to celebrate the happy occasion with your loved ones. Apart from not having to return the car yourself, MAXICABS.SG® also prides itself on being punctual and reliable – our seamless service will help you enjoy your big day to the fullest. 

Want to engage a limo service in Singapore for your big day? MAXICABS.SG® has you covered with our experienced private chauffeurs and luxurious limo cabs. Contact us today at +65 9478 1394 and leave all of your transportation needs to us!