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Maxicabs Singapore Limousine Services

Book a MaxiCab easily in 60 seconds

Vellfire Black Maxicabs Limousine

We Provide The Best MaxiCab Limousine Services

MAXICABS.SG – MAXICAB Singapore Limousine Services solve your transport needs in Singapore by booking your MaxiCab within 60 seconds.

We provide Maxi Cab booking with an affordable rates in Singapore market.

We provide accessible transportation services all across Singapore and also to and from Malaysia with quality cars, ranging from 6 to 7 seater premier MaxiCab, and professional chauffeurs.

We also offer Limousine Services, Airport Transfer, One way transfer, Sightseeing Tours, Hourly disposal among others.

We are always there at your service.  Fast and reliable way to find quality Maxi Cab service any where you need it.

  • 6-seater Toyota Vellfire that can accommodate 6 passengers
  • 7-seater MaxiCab Mercedes Viano that can accommodate 7 passengers

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Why Choose MAXICABS.SG®?

Getting Maxi Cab services in Singapore and Malaysia comes with lots of benefits. First, you will have a relaxing, comfortable, and private ride to your chosen destination after a tiring and long journey with our Airport Transfer service. Second, MAXICABS.SG®’s limousine services for corporate events and special occasions can help you make a statement upon your arrival. Lastly, MAXICABS.SG® is a hassle-free way to book a private cab.

What is Maxi Cab Limousine Services

Have you ever wondered about how fascinating would be a Limousine ride in the gorgeous land of Singapore?

Well, MAXICABS.SG – MAXICAB Singapore Limousine Services has realized your dreams, and you are just about 15 minutes away from experiencing one of our most luxurious Limousine Services.

Your transport needs in Singapore are safe and secure in our hands.

MAXICABS.SG – MAXICAB Singapore Limousine Services booking process is straightforward and quick.

We will reserve a booking for you within 60 seconds.

Our stylish and supreme lot of limousine cars ensure high-quality service, accompanied by the friendliest chauffeurs you will ever meet!

  • 7-seater: MaxiCab Mercedes Viano
    • Our Mercedes Viano limo is capable of accommodating seven passengers.
    • The unique interior and exterior design of this luxurious car fit perfectly with the comfy and spacious seating.
    • Due to its large luggage compartment, the vehicle is employed by maxi cab for transporting people from the beautiful Changi Airport of Singapore.
  • 6-seater: Toyota Vellfire
    • MAXICABS.SG’s promise of supreme quality and passenger service is secured by acquiring Toyota Vellfire limousines, which are purposely built to provide excellent Limo service in Singapore.
    • The 6-seater car is fitted with stylish windows that offer a panoramic view of our passengers.
    • Equipped with the latest technologies and seamless internet network, Vellfire limousine guarantees non-stop entertainment for our customers.

Credit Card Payment

Our luxurious cars are available at affordable rates to our local customers and foreign tourists that have arrived in Singapore.

You can secure our limousine booking services by paying through your credit card.

You can convey your credit card details to our trustworthy customer service members, and they will book a ride for you, as per your requirements.

Neat and Clean Cabs

Special attention is given to our enchanting cars as part of our outstanding chauffeur service.

Our friendly chauffeurs are dedicated to providing attention-to-detail so that our limos are spotless and sparkling at all time.

The climate control feature ensures the continuous circulation of fresh air which adds to the clean interior environment of our cabs.

Sightseeing Tours

MAXICABS.SG – MAXICAB Singapore Limousine Services specializes in arranging sightseeing trips around different tourist attractions in Singapore.  

If you want to have a top-view of the city, our cab service will take you to the famous Singapore Flyer.

We can also arrange customized trips for our tourists, such as visiting the Marina Bay Sands, or a ride to the soothing Botanic Gardens.  

You can also enjoy shopping by travelling in our first-class cabs to the famous Orchard Road.  

The Singapore Zoo is another exciting tourist spot.  

We can take you there!!

Our Workflow

MAXICABS.SG – MAXICAB Singapore Limousine Services booking process is simple and convenient for everyone.

Our flow of work begins from the user’s need for a limo cab and finishes when our passenger reaches the required destination.

The reservation process of our Maxi Cab is swift, and it takes less than 60 seconds!

Here is how it works:

  1. Let’s say that you need to go somewhere and require a cab for your journey.  Assuming that you have not saved our booking contact number, you can get our number by accessing our website at
  2. As you log in to our website, you will find our booking number on the top front part of the main page of our website.
  3. Call us: Our booking number is as follows: +65 8198 1182
  4. After getting our number, save it!  Now you can call on this number and speak to our supportive customer service members.  You can put forward your demands which include, your pick-up and drop-off locations, and the date and time of your pick-up and drop-off.

    You can also select a limousine that you want. Toyota Vellfire and MaxiCab Mercedes Viano are the available options for you.

  5. Confirm: Once you have provided us with your specifications, you will be assigned a car with a number by our customer service members.Your Limousine Booking is confirmed!
  6. Pick-up: You are good to go!  The cab will be at your door-step within the next 15 minutes.  Enjoy!

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